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US media said China rejects the unilateral reduction of steel calls for common action

December 2 reported that the United States media said the world's major steel-producing nations November 30 in the international conference showdown, China refused to take unilateral action to ease the global supply glut, the growing differences be...

GCC countries are still facing the problem of excess steel production capacity

The Middle East Economic Digest reported on December 5 that at a meeting of the Middle East steel industry held recently, some steel industry giants in the region said that the steel market of the GCC countries still faces serious overcapacity prob...

The strongest voice! Steel industry mergers and reorganization will be the trend!

With the recent acceleration of the integration of central enterprises, mergers and acquisitions of steel companies is also expected to heat up. However, the industry believes that the current profitability of steel companies to improve than-expect...

Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute: The demand for steel products is estimated at 730 million tons next year

Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute held in the 4th "2018 China and the world steel demand forecasting research conference released," released the relevant report said that in 2017 China's steel demand is 725 million to...

Strong concussion of steel prices continued to winter reserves or can be prepared in advance

Billet easy to rise upside down blast furnace maintenance As the "strong" environmental protection policy landed, the steel industry became the target of public criticism once again. Regarding the policy of limiting the production of bla...

Why rebar prices rose?

National rebar so appear more substantial rise, Chen Kexin believes that sum up, there are two main factors. The first is the limited production of asymmetry In order to prevent and control haze, the heating season to implement the limited produc...