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US media said China rejects the unilateral reduction of steel calls for common action


December 2 reported that the United States media said the world's major steel-producing nations November 30 in the international conference showdown, China refused to take unilateral action to ease the global supply glut, the growing differences between China and the United States failed to be resolved.

According to the U.S. website reported on December 1, China is the world's largest steel producer and its output accounts for almost half of the world's total output. China said the domestic steel industry is undergoing difficult reforms and that other steel-producing countries should also reduce their production capacity.

According to the report, a total of 33 countries participated in the ministerial meeting of the global forum on steel overcapacity. After the first meeting, Jamison Grenier, director of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Letterheizer's office and representative of the United States, said no substantive progress has been made in this forum.

Greer said the United States is still open to international dialogue. However, in order to effectively respond to the root causes and consequences of overcapacity in the steel industry, the United States will not hesitate to use the tools recognized by relevant laws.

Greer declined to comment on a timetable or proposal to unilaterally impose a tariff on new steel, but the Berlin meeting failed to deliver results or could cause the Trump administration to face domestic pressure to implement the long-promised import restrictions on steel. Part of the reason why these measures are still not implemented is precisely the result that the United States hopes to wait for this week's forum.

Delegates felt that over-supply was a worldwide issue that required a global solution and the need to create a database of supply and government subsidies.

In response to the blame for lack of progress, the representative of China said that a difficult reform had already taken place. Li Chenggang, China's assistant minister of commerce, said after the meeting that China needs to resettle hundreds of thousands of workers and that China has already paid a high price. China calls on all the countries in the world to work together instead of appearing on the sidelines of other countries that only require China to take measures.

The data from the American Iron and Steel Institute show that the United States is the world's largest net importer of steel. Right now, the Trump administration seeks to put pressure on China to limit the impact of China's surplus industrial capacity on the global market.