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Jieyang Dragon Boat Association 2017 victory first victory


  Yesterday morning, Zhuhai Doumen Dragon Boat Festival and Zhuhai citizens fitness games dragon boat race in Doumen District Jing'an Town officially kicked off. 51 teams from inside and outside Zhuhai fought against the Boxer River, with a total of 1,500 participants. Jieyang Heda Steel Dragon Boat Team was the sole representative team in the eastern part of Guangdong Province.

  The competition has been Jieyang City Sports Bureau, Rongcheng District Sports Bureau leaders at both levels of strong support and attention, as well as the people of the city's support team members morale, put aside their efforts to prepare for the race in the open group of 600 straight road racing 21 Team competition, the countercurrent, struggling, after two rounds of the preliminary round, eventually into the finals, made the eighth overall score and the best popular dragon boat team's good performance, all these achievements can not be separated from all walks of life love and support .

  Next, Jieyang Dragon Boat Association under the leadership of the higher authorities and the people of the city under the leadership of the dragon boat spirit, in this competition to find deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses, and strive to the upper reaches, actively preparing for the June 11 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race to achieve better results to Return hometown people.


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