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Guangdong Hechuangda

Guangdong Hechuang Steel Co., Ltd. is a newly established service-oriented enterprise based on steel mills. Its main business is building materials trade, logistics and steel industry. Main business products for the wire, rebar and other building materials, professional sales, agents of major domestic steel products. The predecessor of the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in steel quality control and operation under the investment and operation of more than 10 years of steel mills. At present, it has built an integrated steel service platform integrating purchase, sales, storage and transportation. Guangzhou Steel Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. designated steel Wuyang licensing a steel agents, and Xiangtan Iron and Steel, Shaogang, Guangdong Iron and Steel, Steel and other three-year long-term terminal site to establish distribution cooperation strategy.

Sales, the company in the steel market in Guangdong wholesale agents have been ranked the top three private enterprises, directly to complete the sale of hundreds of items, two wholesale dealers wholesale indirectly completed the project is numerous, including the subway, airports, large Sports venues, office buildings, residential and so on. In terms of terminal delivery, we take the advantage of high quality service concept and price advantage to become the first engineering company of Guangdong Bureau of Construction, Guangdong Longwang Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Bazhou Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Power Bai Construction Group Co., Ltd., Golden Group, Shantou Jian'an Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. designated steel suppliers.

In terms of logistics, the Company formed strategic cooperative partnership with many large steel manufacturers and suppliers in China and established a network platform for procurement channels, with an average annual sales of hundreds of thousands of tons of steel. The company also built two large-scale building materials warehouse, and has its own transport fleet and fixed cooperation team, equipped with forklifts, cranes, cars and other handling, lifting, transport equipment dozens of units to provide customers with highly integrated services and efficient Warehousing, distribution, transportation integration services.

The Company has set up a regional deployment of high-quality steel trade team to form an integrated service network in sales, distribution and after-sales service. The business scope of the project is to radiate to Guangdong Province and its neighboring provincial capitals. The monthly sales volume of the Group is above 100,000 tons and has been well received by the major state- Enterprises, real estate developers listed companies, builders and steel companies of all ages and praise.
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